Let’s challenge the perceptions, attitudes and behaviours of today’s society towards disability and those living with a disability.

Inaugural Event

The May 28 event will feature accomplished guest speakers with disabilities who will share their lived experiences and perspectives on their careers, community and challenges faced along the way.

By focusing on the skills and accomplishments of residents with disabilities, this event hopes to change the mindset and behaviours of our community towards disability and those living with disabilities. It’s time to shift the focus away from perceived deficiencies of the individual to how our community fails to empower the individual with a barrier-free environment.

Persons with disabilities are educated, motivated and eager to play an active role in the community but largely remain an untapped resource. An accessible and inclusive Canada benefits all of us, so why not put the Accessible Potential of persons with disabilities to work?

Why Now?

In June 2018, the Government of Canada tabled Bill C-81, the Accessible Canada Act, to ensure a barrier-free Canada that allows persons with disabilities to fully participate in all aspects of society.

This landmark legislation has the potential to dramatically improve the lives of those living with disabilities in Canada. Its announcement signalled the Government’s commitment to Canadians with disabilities and the appetite to embrace change toward a more inclusive society. For advocates for the right of persons with disabilities, it was a long-awaited sign that now is the time!

Changing mindsets and behaviours happens slowly, but a good place to start is through discussions that create awareness. So I hope you’ll join us on May 28th.